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Officecenter opens 7th location, of which the first one in Brussels

Officenter opens its 7th location, of which its first in Brussels.  Officecenter bought the building located on the Luchthavenlaan 27 in Vilvoorde from JP Morgan (Colliers)   The 4.000m² empty office spaces will be rebuilt into serviced offices with horeca.  Each Officecenter location is owned by about 15 local entrepreneurs in the relevant region. 

1.472m² office space rented to Antalis in Mollem

Antalis has moved his offices from their site at Z.4 Broeikooi to Z.5 Mollem. They will occupie 1.500 m² office space in the previous  Mio/MiTac-building.

Runnerlab Beveren-Waas opens a new division

Runners Service NV, with headquarters in Beveren-Waas, has opened a new division in the Parc Atlas in Zaventem with the help of Structura.biz. These buildings are managed by Mayfield Property Management. The new office covers a surface area of 866 m². Since 1980 Runners Service Lab has provided expert advice on running shoes and the prevention and treatment of injuries.