10 things to do in Lisbon you can't miss

According to Structura.Biz

Lisbon is such a vibrant city with colourful buildings, nice restaurants, trendy bars and delicious pastries! Our team spent a lovely time there and it turned out Lisbon was the perfect destination for an amazing team building. We headed to Lisbon to reward our consultants for achieving their team target in 2018.

Whether you're planning to go to Lisbon with friends, family or with colleagues; here's a list of 10 things you must do while visiting Portugal’s capital:

  1. Enjoy an afternoon at the beach

After only a 20 minutes’ drive from Lisbon’s city centre you arrive at Costa de Caparica coastline, famed for its vast sandy beach and powerful surfing waves. To get there you cross the well-known 25 de Abril Bridge, often compared to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

  1. Hungry from your walk on the beach? Taste the Pão Com Chouriço

Merendeira is a typical Portuguese restaurant where the traditional Pão Com Chouriço (bread with Portuguese chorizo) is made. This specialty is baked in clay ovens specially built for cooking this signature dish. Real locals (like us) eat this with a Caldo Verde (vegetable soup).

  1. Eat the delicious Pasteis de Belém

If you like Pasteis de Nata, you must eat one of Belém’s most famous egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon.. Delicious!!

  1. Walk your way through Lisbon with a local, because “as a local, we know the area”

Explore the streets of Lisbon by foot and discover every secret of the city thanks to a local guide that will take you to hidden spots.

  1. Drink cocktails on a very cool hidden rooftop bar

Not easy to find but “Park” Rooftop Bar is really worth a visit! This secret gem is located at the top of a parking building! Once at the top, we enjoyed a marvellous sunset and delicious cocktails surrounded by lounge music and people dancing.

  1. Take a picture in Pink Street

Instagram addicts will love this street! The reason why rua Nova do Carvalho is called "Pink Street"; is because the pavement is painted in pink. By night, this street becomes a crowded place with a lot of bars and clubs to dance the night away.

  1. Visit the Belém Tower

The Tower of Belém is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century to commemorate the expeditions of Vasco da Gama and celebrate the greatness of the Portuguese power.

  1. Have a lunch at Don Beija

Don Beija is a nice restaurant where you can eat Brazilian dishes and enjoy live music.

  1. Drink Gingina

Ginjinha is a Portuguese liqueur made of ginja berries. Every Lisboeta knows someone who brews this drink at home. Many tourist spots hand these drinks out in chocolate cups, but the best Ginjinha is always offered by a local.

  1. Have a walk in the Bairro Alto district

Bairro Alto is the artist district of Lisbon. Admire the facades covered with graffiti and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in their multitude of bars and restaurants.