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What is the value of your property ?

Discover our valuation services.

Would you like to discover the real value of your property or real-estate portfolio ? Would you like to sell or let your commercial property? Are you planning on continuing to occupy your building after it has been sold? (sale and lease back) Discover our new valuation services. An accurate valuation of your property has a central place in any financial decision you take as an investor or entrepreneur. In which market segments are we active? We specialise in every branch of commercial r…


What about the retail market?

Covid-19 update

On March 18, the National Security Council announced the mandatory closure of all stores, regardless of their size, with the exception of shops of first necessity such as grocery stores. This decision came as a shock to the retail world and it was necessary to adapt quickly and find short-term solutions. A whole series of questions arose. How can you pay your expenses without any income? Can one invoke force majeure as a reason for not paying rent? Can one resort to occupational incapacity in or…


What about the office market ?

Covid 19 update

The impact of the corona-crisis on the office market The current crisis raises many questions, not in the least with companies renting space in one of the many office buildings in Brussels. Looking for answers, we called up every tenant (+/- 100 companies) who found a new location thanks to the mediation of Structura.biz office agency in the past 5 years . We narrowed it down to five large conclusions. Home work is here to stay Over the past years, many companies raised the question to which l…